Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Fantaserye as RPG Inspiration

Sometime last year, our friend Shao Han visited Manila from Singapore as part of our #RPGSEA movement. We chanced upon a billboard of La Luna Sangre while we were showing him around the city. As we were discussing the various genres of RPG storytelling, Shao naturally expressed interest in the show and whether or not it was about magic or passion. I was, however, dismissive of it as yet another local attempt to copy the tropes of an American IP (Twilight and maybe WoD's Werewolf, in this case), anchored around a bankable "love team." For his part, Shao was then curious as to why I would be dismissive of it, when I was otherwise a mouthpiece for Filipino storytelling.

Perhaps I haven't given fantaseryes their proper due.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

It Builds Character: Infinity's Lifepath System, Part 2

And we're back!

Last time, we went through the first seven steps of Modiphius' Lifepath System to create my character for the Infinity RPG. The WOKE AF activist from PanOceania turned out to be affiliated with a Corporation (the sellout), possibly because he has been protecting his younger sibling, who for some reason is an ALEPH aspect occupying a body borne from their mother's womb.

Here's what he looks like so far:


Agility = 7
Awareness = 8 = 7+1
Brawn = 8 = 7+1
Coordination = 6 = 7-1
Intelligence = 11 = 7+1+1+2
Personality = 8 = 7+2-1
Willpower = 8 = 7+1


Survival (Awareness): E1
Pilot (Coordination): E1
Education (Intelligence): E1, F1
Medicine (Intelligence): E1, F1
Science (Intelligence): E1
Tech (Intelligence): E1
Lifestyle (Personality): E2
Persuade (Personality, Signature): E1, F1, Charismatic


Languages: German, SvalarNorse
Earnings: 2
Gear: Analytical Kit (with 5 reagents), Sensor Suite

Life Points Remaining: 2

Let's move on to careers!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It Builds Character: Infinity's Lifepath System, Part 1

So I've talked about Infinity with my friends often enough to be infectious, and now I find myself as a GM for 4 to 6 sessions of gaming in the 23rd (?) century. More games are always good, but now there is a strong pressure for me to master the 2d20 system as soon as possible. One surefire way to do that, for me, is to create a character. And since Infinity is out now on DriveThruRPG, now is as good a time as any to formally delve into the mechanical part of Infinity.

The basics: Infinity's chargen is called the Lifepath System, which is a set of 9 decision points that are mostly handled by random tables. However, you also get 5 life points (LP) that you can spend to forego rolling to instead choose at several points in the Lifepath. Right now, it sounds like I will have a minimum of 4 = 9 - 5 random choices, but there's an optional 12-point character creation option so I am probably missing something here.

At the start, I think it's a good idea to have a very vague idea about the character. Currently I think I would like to come in as an activist-type of character: Smart, well-read, but is capable of getting his hands dirty if needed. I imagine he will also be, as his 2018 ancestors would say, WOKE AF.

There's a PhilStar watermark, so I assume original image
is from them.
Without further ado, let's start!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Currently reading: Infinity RPG Core Book

I realize that one genre I've always shied away from as a GM is sci-fi. It's not because I dislike the genre - if my taste in movies is any indication, I actually love sci-fi. Rather, I seem to run into impostor syndrome when I try to conceptualize possible scientific advances that would have happened in the next 50, 100, or 500 years. How will laser guns work? Why is it even a laser gun?

(It doesn't help that, while I can go bonkers with describing fantasy fighting as a GM, gun fights based on reality are hard for me to describe beyond "you point your weapon at your enemy and DEATH happens.")

As I read Infinity, however, I've come to realize that my desire for sci-fi is centered more around the ideas of problems. Specifically, if some prevailing problems of the present have been solved, what are the new problems that our descendants will face?

For example, in Infinity, a resurrection of a sort is now possible. Essentially, you can have a cube that downloads your personality and memories, which can then be legally transferred to a biosynthetic body in the event of your death. I like chewing on this idea a lot - the actual "you" dies, but the you that your family, your society needs can live on. Will you acquire this service? Will you pay for it? If you are crippled by a non-fatal illness that otherwise makes you unproductive and sad, will you consider this as an alternative? Is the new you a person?

It's these kinds of questions that make me love telling stories, and what are RPGs if not another storytelling medium?


Another thing I'm intrigued at when it comes to the Infinity universe is the speculative history that it developed. The prevailing and current hyperpower faction of the human spheres is PanOceania, which is (simplistically) an ascended ASEAN. As a Southeast Asian, myself, I find the idea of a future where we found unity in diversity, and we were able to capitalize on our diaspora to colonize planets, to be slightly heartwarming.

There are strange things that I tend to squint at, of course. If the culture comes from ASEAN + others, then why is PanO majority Christian instead of Buddhist/Muslim? 🤔 But eh, details.


The Infinity RPG Core Book is not yet publicly available. (I borrowed my copy from a guy who helped Kickstart it.) That said, you can find the Infinity Quickstart on drivethrurpg.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Nosfecatu is Accepting Submissions!

We here at +Nosfecatu Publishing are launching an e-zine in 2018!

We're looking for RPG articles that fit the following criteria:
  • Inspired by Philippine myths, histories, or culture
  • Either rules lite or uses an open source ruleset or has author permission to use their ruleset. Writing a system-agnostic article? Gravy.
Nosfecatu Publishing will pay on a per-word basis for the chosen articles. You will retain your rights to your intellectual property.

If you're interested, please send your articles as a word doc to bjrecio at Google's email. Please refrain from using fancy formatting or image files, even for statblocks - our layout artist will take care of it.