Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Greetings to all!

My master (who insists that he does not sparkle) bids you welcome to our blogspot. Until this humble servant finds the time to setup a site, this is where we will preview and discuss our upcoming products. Our current big project is the Buan™ Campaign Setting, a gaming world operating under the Game System License for 4E D&D. Buan derives its main influence from Philippine Mythology, but our goal is to make it adaptable to your own gaming world.

To accomplish this, we will be releasing elements of the Buan Campaign Setting bit-by-bit. Eventually, there will be enough material to run a game set in our gaming world. At the same time, those who just wish to take certain elements of the setting are given the full freedom to cherry-pick those things that fit their world best.

So, what can you expect from our humble Publishing Company in the near future? We currently have two items slated for release:

*TIKBALANG: GUARDIANS of KALIKASAN will be the first product out in our stores. Featuring tough and agile creatures noted for their horse-like heads, this PC race is far removed from their fairer fey cousins.

*ASUANG: SHAPESHIFTING HORRORS stalk the hoofprints of the tikbalangs closely. These diverse shapeshifters consume and devour in the name of the Bakunawa, their draconic primordial master. Statblocks for creatures such as the manananggal and the sigbin are found in this collection, ready to torment and consume adventurers that delve into the darkest corners of the world's forests.

My master commands me to finish the Tikbalang at the soonest possible time, while the Aswang are currently under development. Once we finish the necessary paperwork, Creatures of Kalikasan: Tikbalang is sure to gallop after. Hopefully, the Aswang comes out of hiding two months after.

We encourage you to check out this site periodically for updates! Now if you'll excuse me, my master demans that my attention be focused elsewhere for now.