Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hunting the Asuang

Hello, everybody! Nosfecatu Publishing is back on track - our Internet connection is finally stable again, all the writers are busy with their work, and our Lord and Master has a fresh supply of the blood of its minions delicious anchovies! We are all excited with our next slew of products, and can't wait to have them finished.

Firstly, I want to update you guys on the status of Asuangs: Shapeshifting Horrors. Tech work on all six monsters are just about done, and we are currently focusing on fluff work on how to make it fit into the world of Buan. Of course, we also want to present the material in such a way that will make these creatures easy to integrate into any Campaign Setting, so currently we are trying to avoid too many name drops of Buan-specific names. If we finish this as early as we expect, we'll try to see if we can fit another monster or two into the ebook.

For those of you who loved the art of Tikbalang: Guardians of Kalikasan, you will be delighted to hear that our friend James will also be doing the cover for the asuang supplement. As for the interior art, however, we are looking into a new artist - the asuang are horrors of the night, and we think that our new artist's talents will be perfect for them.

We did encounter a few setbacks, however. Most notably, I lost my flash drive a few days ago. As it contained the most recent copy of our fluff work, we have about two weeks' worth of material that would have to be rewritten. My Lord and Master isn't pleased at my infrequent backups, and frankly, I myself can't believe that I made such a base mistake. I apologize to those who are looking forward to the supplement.

It is just a few weeks worth of work, however, and I am confident that I can rewrite the material that I lost in half the time.

So, what else is new? After we are done with Asuangs: Shapeshifting Horrors, we plan on moving to another player supplement. By popular demand, we'll be exploring the Kali, and thinking of ways to introduce them to the game. One of our writers are already taking lessons to get a better feel for it, and official work on the supplement begins on February. In addition to that, we're also working on the Pintados and the Babaylan (both mentioned once in the Tikbalang book) as player options. We're still deciding if they will appear as one product, or as distinct from each other.

So, until next time! Hopefully by next post I can preview something from the Asuang supplement.