Monday, April 26, 2010

Fey Folio, Random Shoutouts

Even though we have only officially released one product, we here at Nosfecatu Publishing are glad to have made new acquaintances in the GSL world. Most notably, I would like to give a shoutout to Neuroglyph Games, who maintains one of the most frequently-updated sites dedicated to D&D 4E, and to the folks at Emerald Press, who've been kind enough to give some space for the gigantic kapre in their bi-monthly Combat Advantage ezine. We've been pleasantly surprised at how friendly the 3rd party-publishing market is, and it makes us push even harder to release new products.

With that said, we are always on the lookout for other 3PP products that may catch our eye. And thanks to Neuroglyph, we came upon a very interesting product from Alluria Publishing. Entitled the Fey Folio, it presents over 20 fey creatures for any D&D game, mostly centered on the heroic tier.

Neuroglyph Games' Review of Fey Folio

The Buan Campaign Setting is a natural place for fey creatures, as can be attested by the two creatures that we have released so far being fey. Also, on that note, we've been informed that the kapre also makes an appearance in the Fey Folio, and we're really interested in seeing how the build differs from each other. We're glad to see that more and more publishers are working on Filipino myths.

We will definitely purchase this product in the near future, and we hope you check it out, as well.