Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Antsy (Short Update)

So some of you may be wondering what's keeping the Asuang: Shapechanging Horrors from hitting the shelves. Well, there are two reasons, really:
  • Edits - My editor and I want to keep the statblocks as idiot-proof as we can. Most recently, we found an unusual loop that may be done with the manananggal's disjoining/rejoining ability. Now, this is 4E D&D, and I like to think that the Dungeon Masters will understand the intended use of the ability. Nevertheless, we have an obligation to our readers to keep it as clear as possible. The challenge, however, is writing the powers clearly while preventing it from becoming a wall of text.
  • Art - Currently, we have two artists working for the asuang. John (the one who did the kapre vs tikbalang art) is the one in charge of all the interior art, while James (who did all artworks for the tikbalang) will be doing the cover. I've seen the sketches, and all that's left now is inking and scanning them in. But we can't really rush art, so I'm not pressuring them too much. Our Lord and Master doesn't have problems with reminding us that he'll suck the blood out of us if we don't meet our deadlines, however. >.>
With any luck, and if Our Lord and Master gets his way, we can have it out within the next ten days.