Thursday, April 1, 2010

So What's New?

As of this writing, the supplement, "Asuang: Shapechanging Horrors" are out of my hands. I finally had the time to finish it last week, and I sent it over to my fellow servant of the vampire kitten for editing. Everything looks solid so far, and if the artworks finish at around the same time, we'll be able to release the product by mid-April.

So what's in this particular e-book? This supplement, intended for GMs, will present eight new monsters (or nine, if you count the manananggal twice :P) that are commonly referred to as asuangs. We're also introducing a new monster format that will be similar to upcoming official monster products that promises to be easier to read at the gaming table. There will also be a GM Toolkit that allows you to 1) tailor encounters that include the asuangs, and 2) lets you use thematic elements to give existing shapeshifters an asuang feel.

Without any of the artworks included, the e-book is a little over 15 pages long. As it is going to be a few pages longer than "Tikbalang: Guardians of Kalikasan," it will likely be priced at around $2-$2.50 (depending on how our talks with the artwork commissions turn out).

Once Asuang is released, what will be next for Nosfecatu Publishing? As mentioned before, one of our writers is already at work incorporating arnis-themed martial arts into 4E D&D. There is still no release date for that, but I'll update here as often as I could. As for me, I'm still deciding about what I will write next: It will either be a treatment of barangganic elements as character options (ie, the tattooed Pintados, the divinely-possessed babaylan, and potentially the warrior-smith Panday) or a short module that focuses on giving Buan-themed options for the gnomes and eladrin. In addition, we also plan on releasing a short update for Tikbalang to keep it in line with new PC race expectations.

We are now very close to the release of the Asuang! Prepare to terrorize your players with these horrific shapechangers!