Monday, May 24, 2010

Tikbalang and Psionics

Okay, so I've finally had the time to read the PHB3 thoroughly. And for the most part, psionics has been redefined from sci-fi telepathic powers to either (publicly) as "the weapon forged to fight the far realm" or (privately) as the power within oneself. This is why they've placed the monk in the psionic power source: Under this concept, the monk's ki is a natural fit.

By and large, however, we at Nosfecatu Publishing would do not want to look at psionics as not as a distinct discipline of its own nor as powers related to the Far Realm, which is not too prevalent in the Buan campaign setting. Instead, we want to look at psionic as a specific type of magic. Looked at in this way, psionics can be differentiated from arcane, since arcane has a flavor of being acquired "externally." Wizards study their power through moldy tomes. Warlocks enter bargains to fulfill their desires. Even sorcerers, who have a "natural" affinity for magic, gained this power through the intermingling of outside supernatural blood with their own mortal origins. In contrast, ardents, battleminds, monks and psions all all manifest their inner magic - natural, but requiring intense meditation and focus to manifest.

As magic, psionics' trademark abilities in my opinion are charms and illusions, something that the tikbalang have always been portrayed as being good at. It also helps that their stat abilities are well-suited for ardent and battlemind, and they can make decent monks and psions as well. So if you have tikbalang player characters that want to take on a psionic class, here is our proposal: Reflavor the psionics' power source as the tikbalangs' trademark magic. That is, when someone says "tikbalang magic," they would would be referring to psionics. Deception is natural for them as a race, and through the harvests, they taught this ability to harness such power to the other races. Thus psionics continue to exist in Kalupaan.

Oh, and by the way, we're back from our vacation. We'll probably link to our private blog once we finish writing a review of our trip.