Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Incoming! (Some Thanks and Talking About the Future)

As things begin to slow down once again here at Nosfecatu Publishing, we took a moment to evaluate where we currently stand. We are proud of our first two works, Tikbalang: Guardians of Kalikasan and Asuang: Shapechanging Horrors. We have seen a number of people talk about our products in their blogs, and there's an immense sense of satisfaction for trusting us to be a part of your gaming table somewhat (some examples are Sea of Stars' L5R game and Sabrecat's tikbalang witch dotor). We would like to thank everyone who believed in our ideas and purchased our products.

Now on to the future! As I've mentioned in an earlier post, the nuno/diwata idea wan't working for me, so I don't think I'll focus on that as our next project. That being said, we do want to alternate between player and GM resources. The tikbalang was predominantly player-related (though that one was a mix), while the asuang was certainly for GMs. So another player-related ebook is in order.

If you're one of the few people who have been paying attention, you know that one of our writers is currently at work with incorporating the Arnis martial art onto D&D 4E. We can't touch on the monk according to the GSL (which would have been perfect), but we have a good amount of ideas, and we're making progress.

We're also taking a good look at how to incorporate the Arnis to the Buan Campaign Setting. Ultimately, we feel it best to fold them into a slew of character options in an e-book we're tentatively calling Barangay: Mysteries of the Isles. In it we'll also include the concepts that we've had for the pintados (painted warriors) and the babaylan (possessed by the gods), two other themes that we want to tackle as potential character options. We will also dabble into the epic tier for the first time in this e-book, as we gear up to designing our first epic destiny. Barangay is our current focus, and we hope to get it out by the time the -ber months roll in.

After that, our next project would be a full-pledged supplement that focuses on the epic tier. As an avowed Dicefreak and as a fan of Upper_Krust's Immortal's Handbook, I believe in statting up deities. It's a win-win scenario - if you want your gods to be defeatable (a common fantasy trope), then the stats are readily available. If you prefer them to be unkillable, then you are free to ignore the stats for your game. As such, we plan on introducing the deities of Philippine Mythology, as well as the dread dragons (including but not limited to the Bakunawa, worshipped by our asuang), in an e-book that we hope to release late this year.

Now I want to talk about the Buan Campaign Setting more, but I realy have to get back to writing now. And running my Dark Sun game. Until next time!