Friday, September 24, 2010

Polyhedral: Double Damage

Once again, Nosfecatu will be a part of My Girlfriend is a DM's Polyhedral event!

This time, we'll be running a level 4 (or 5) game, featuring pregenerated characters tailored for the Buan Campaign Setting. Such pregens include a tikbalang wizard (pyromancer) and a razorclaw shifter assassin (executioner) to represent a half-sigbin, and a first look/playtest of our tradition system through an elf babaylan (invoker)!

We're also thinking of including a pregen named Prinsesa Dayang-dayang, which is built as a "Disney Princess," aka, a bard|lazy warlord that sings, makes friends with furry animals, and makes allies attack in her stead. It might detract from the intended feel, though, so we're unsure of this one as of now. >.>

Anyways, we'll keep you updated! I'm busy with RL matters right now, so I can't really post much. But I do see some extra time in October to toil under My Lord and Master, so watch out for that.

Until next time!