Wednesday, January 11, 2012

D&D Next and Nosfecatu Publishing

As many of you may already know, Wizards of the Coast announced that they are currently at work developing the latest iteration of the Dungeons and Dragons game last Monday. Precious little is known at this point, aside from their intention to cater to players of the game we love regardless of edition. In this regard, they have announced an open playtesting process that will begin on the spring of this year.

When we began to conceptualize the small group that would eventually become known as Nosfecatu Publishing, we were working on the assumption that 3.5E was the edition we will be designing for. But when 4E was announced, we decided to go through with the change, even if it meant that we'll need some time to get used to the new system and thus be behind with our release schedules.

Similarly, we welcome D&D next with the full intention of switching over. Things are not set in stone, of course, until we read and accept any new licence that Wizards of the Coast plans to release to third party publishers. But we remain optimistic for the things to come.

Consequently, Nosfecatu Publishing would like to take this moment to issue the following statements:

  1. From this point onwards, all of our current pdf projects for 4E D&D will cease development. We will continue to create custom 4E content through blog posts, but for most of this year we will focus on developing the fluff and flavor of the Filipino mythology and adopting it into any edition of D&D.
  2. Our efforts to convert our two existing products into Pathfinder will continue. 
  3. We are optimistic about being able to release custom content for D&D Next, and it is our goal to adopt our pdf publishing to the new edition.
  4. Until D&D Next is available for third party publishing, Nosfecatu will revert into a D&D fan blog that talks about the new edition, as well as Filipino elements that could be injected into the tabletop RPG experience.
It's an exciting time, but for the moment, my Lord and Master will retire to his coffin. but I'll keep you guys company! Check out my first post as a blogger, where I review D&D 4E and its three-and-a-half years of existence in a non-chronological fashion.