Thursday, January 19, 2012

Joining the 5mind

As my Lord and Master sleeps, Nosfecatu Publishing, as a whole would remain active as a blogger, as per our earlier announcement. In the near future, look out for our articles on the nuno (a gnome subrace), as well as finishing our Winds of Change and Manananggal Vampire Bloodline series. Also, we may release some new content for 4E in the upcoming months - but it remains to be seen as to whether we'll release it as free website content or as a .pdf file. Time will tell.

As fans who are excited for the next iteration of D&D, I want to remind anyone interested in contributing to letting your voice be heard. We believe that if more fans contribute across all editions, then it could lead D&DN in a direction that will make many of us happy. To that end, I want to redirect you to WotC's polls (don't forget to join the D&D Next group to be able to vote!):

  • Welcome to the group: A fatal four-way between orcs, goblins, skeletons, and kobolds.
  • Holy and Radiant: Does "holy energy pernicious to undead" and "mystic light beams" need to be distinct?
  • +1 or better to hit? Damage Reduction and resistances, or, "you have to be this tall to fight this monster."
Vote, leave a comment, and let your voice be heard!