Sunday, March 8, 2015

Monster Monday: Magwayen

(Lately I've been tinkering with finding a way to present monsters in such a way that would make them compatible with, but not identical to, fifth edition counterparts. This is part of that ongoing experiment.)

(Some notes. It is assumed that monsters are proficient in attacks mentioned in their statblock unless otherwise noted. They also add their proficiency if a check or saving throw pertains to their ideal, bond, or flaw. Diwatas also add their proficiency if a check or saving throw pertains to one of their portfolios. Calling on a diwata's favor generally reduces the character's Utang score by 1 or more, regardless of whether the favor is granted or not.)


Magwayen is the ferrywoman of the dead. Her servants attend to those of lesser stature, but she personally guides the souls of heroes both malevolent and benign to the afterlife, herself.

It is said that she was once the sea, itself. However, when her daughter Lidagat died of a broken heart, she abandoned the sea and accompanied her to the afterlife. She has since returned, but now others rule the Sea. Even as she now serves death, however, her powers over the Sea have not waned.

Many upstart newly-dead heroes have tried to challenge her in a duel to keep them away from death. During the eternity of her duties, this has amused her to the point that she now loves fighting.

Very few have defeated her in battle.

Magwayen is usually beseeched for the following:
  • Seeing in the dark. (Utang na Loob DC 10)
  • Speaking with the Dead (Utang na Loob DC 15)
  • Walking on Water. (Utang na Loob DC 15)
  • Raising the dead (see below)
Magwayen appears as a beautiful woman clad in mourning attire that vanish into smoke.

Aubrey Miles as Magwayen, from GMA's Amaya.

Medium fiend (diwata), lawful neutral
HP 84 (13 HD), AC 17 (natural, shield)
Resist Necrotic. Bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical weapons.
STR 16 (+3)   DEX 17 (+3)   CON 15 (+2)    
INT 11 (+0)   WIS 12 (+1)   CHA 16 (+3)
Prof. d6
CR 7
Speed 40 ft., walks on water
Ideal duty to Si Dapa
Bond honor of the duel
Flaw belief in her skills
Portfolio Darkness, Death, Sea
Magwayen uses 2 different actions in any given round.
Touch of Death. Dexterity. As a diwata of death, Magwayen's touch can deal 2d8 necrotic damage.
She has complete mastery of this ability: Creatures grappling her take this damage at the start of their turns, and she can choose to have weapons she wields deal this extra damage, as well.
+1 short sword. Dexterity. Two attacks.
Eldtritch Blast. Charisma. Three beams.
Ray of Enfeeblement. Charisma, DC 14. While concentrating on this magic, Magwayen cannot use Eldritch Blast.
Shield Bash. Strength, d4, DC 14. An opponent hit by this attack falls prone if it fails a Strength saving throw.


Raise Dead. Using a spell to raise the dead includes offering gifts (the material component) to your patron diwata so that she may intercede on your behalf. This involves halting the ferrywoman's advance to Sulad with the soul she is transporting so that it may be returned to Kalupaan. It is assumed that patron diwatas can convince Magwayen to return a soul if the caster successfully makes a DC 22 Utang na Loob check.
On a failed check, the patron diwata does not intercede. The spell fails and the components are wasted, but sometimes Magwayen herself is conjured to Kalupaan.
Challenge Magwayen. Spellcasters sometimes call Magwayen to Kalupaan to directly beseech her for favors.
She will refuse all characters' requests unless someone (the caster or one of her companions) challenges and defeats her to a duel. Doing so magically binds Magwayen and the challenger in an agreement.
Magwayen wins the challenge if her opponent concedes, or if she reduces her opponent to 0 hit points. As a master of death, she never kills accidentally, but enemies defeated by her will bear a prominent mark (a scar, or a decapitated limb) that they will forever bear.
Magwayen concedes when her opponent draws blood (reduces her to half her hit points.) An opponent who has defeated Magwayen earns her favor and/or patronage. Her Utang na Loob also increases by 2.
Interfering in a duel with Magwayen angers her and may lower the interloper's Utang score. (The challenger may also be lowered if they are conspirators.) Note that reducing Magwayen to 0 hit points causes her to discorporate, As she is unable to take physical form for awhile, doing so will cause all spells that raise the dead to automatically fail for a long time.
Diwata. As a patron, Magwayen can grant up to 4th level spells. These magics generally reflect the aspects of her portfolio. It is assumed that she can cast any spell that she can grant, but she seldom uses those spells in combat.
She only answers conjurations from heroes with an Utang score of 15 or higher.
Love for duels. In a duel, Magwayen rolls her proficiency die twice for her attacks and uses the better result.

LEGEND (3/round)
Magwayen never uses her legendary abilities when engaged in a duel.
A Life for a Life. If Magwayen fails a saving throw, she can take one level of exhaustion to succeed, instead. Whenever she uses this ability, the next death saving throw of an opponent automatically succeeds as she borrows the death of an opponent to her advantage. 
The effects of this magic are cumulative. At her sixth level of exhaustion, Magwayen discorporates.
Legendary fighter. At the end of an opponent's turn, Magwayen can use this ability to perform any fighting maneuver. Her maneuver die for this legend is a d6, and it is always assumed that she has at least one maneuver die.

Shield. Her magic shield is a giant shell. When she sets it on the sea, it grows to the size of a small boat that she can use to ferry souls to the afterlife.
Sword. Her magic short sword adds its magic to attack and damage rolls. Alternatively, her sword can instead have a different form of rare magic, such as viciousness.
Budyong. Her conch shell, when blown, repels most aquatic monsters of size large or larger. At the GM's discretion, certain monsters can try to resist this with a Wisdom saving throw of Medium DC.