Sunday, May 3, 2015

Monster Monday: Anitan

Gina Alajar as Dian Lamitan, from GMA's Amaya

Anitan is a diwata of thunderbolts. She is a harmful deity, bringing death through the storm's deluge and sickness from a plague of frogs. However, she is uncharacteristically kind to animals: She has a fondness for frogs and toads and have been known to personally come to their aid. She also likes monkeys, for they have the boorishness of men but not the ambition to be more than what they ought to be.

Anitan is not beseeched so much as she is called upon to beg for mercy. Her servants fear her power even as they embody the destructiveness of her storms. If the blood of an intelligent creature is spilled or sacrificed, she might be called on for the following:
  • Speak with Animals. (Utang na Loob DC 10)
  • Restoration of health from diseases or poison (Utang na Loob DC 15)
  • Calm the Storm. (Utang na Loob DC 20)
When she appears before her supplicants, Anitan takes on the form of a voluptuous woman dressed in the fineries of a dian. More often, however, she appears before her enemies as a bipedal and slimy toad who's as large as an ogre.

Anitan does not actually have wings.
Paeliryon art owned by Wotc 
Large fey (diwata), chaotic neutral
HP 133 (14 HD), AC 16 (natural)
Immune Thunder
Resist Lightning. Bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage from nonmagical weapons.

STR 20 (+5)   DEX 15 (+2)   CON 23 (+6)    
INT 10 (+0)   WIS 13 (+1)   CHA 18 (+4)
Prof. d8
CR 10
Speed 30 ft., swim 40ft
Ideal friendly to animals
Bond distrusts mortals
Flaw easily insulted
Portfolio Animals, Poison, Storm
Anitan uses 2 different actions in any given round.
Croak of Chaos. Constitution, DC 18. Anitan's neck puffs up, and then she releases a frog-like croak. Half the time, this magic copies the effects of the Poison Spray (2d12) cantrip. Otherwise, this magic copies the effects of the Thunderwave (2d8) spell.
Innate Spellcasting. Charisma, DC 16. Anitan innately casts the following spells, requiring no material components.
3/day each - Haste (if cast on self; extra action for Slam only), Lightning Bolt, Shatter
1/day each - Chain Lightning, Flesh to Stone 
Slam. Strength, 2d6. Two attacks.
Destructive Storms. Anitan rolls her proficiency die and subtracts it from the saving throw an enemy makes against an attack that would deal lightning or thunder damage,


Taboo: Speaking with Animals. If not given express permission by Anitan herself, she is insulted when intelligent mortals speak with animals. Anyone currently in a vicinity where Anitan's influence is strong must make a DC 10 Utang na Loob saving throw whenever she uses the Speak with Animals spell. (This DC may increase if the spell is repeatedly cast within the same day.) Anyone who makes animal sounds without the use of magic is in greater danger - thebase DC for the saving throw becomes 15.
Failure means that the mortal draws the ire of Anitan. She will usually send minions to punish the mortal, (earth elementals or her giant toads - see below) but on rare cases she will personally attack the transgressor.
Anitan's Giant Toads. These toads are elementals (earth, water). They do not swallow their prey; instead, once grappled, they will leap away from other opponents and keep biting. Furthermore, whenever they deal poison damage with their bite, the target must make a DC 9 saving throw or be petrified for 24 hours. These toads are otherwise identical to giant toads.
Curse of Living Stone. A petrified creature coated in the saliva of Anitan cannot be unpetrified unless Anitan allows it. Forcing Anitan to discorporate can also end the petrification.
Diwata. As a patron, Anitan can grant up to 5th level spells. These magics generally reflect the aspects of her portfolio. It is assumed that she can cast any spell that she can grant, but she seldom uses those spells in combat.
She only answers conjurations from heroes with an Utang score of 15 or higher.