Sunday, August 7, 2016

#RPGaDAY 2016 Day 6: The Last Days of Anglekite

(I'm keeping this short to catch up. Haha!)

Most amazing thing a game group did for their community?

This would definitely be #AprilApocalypse. 

Two of my friends, +Erich Lichnock and +Phil Corpuz, backed Magpie Games' The Last Days of Anglekite on Kickstarter. They were both gushing to me about it so I asked them if I can check it out. And true enough, the idea of running a LongCon with one cohesive story really interested me. So I tapped our Gamers & Gamemasters machinery and soon we had April Apocalypse in the works. We also got the help of D&D Adventurer's League PH so that they can also hold the release of their Ravenloft season 

There were some challenges. The current local makeup of the hobby makes gaming for an entire weekend for that many players to be impractical, so we instead decided to run them on two tail-end Sundays of the month. Ludo, the location that very graciously agreed to be the venue for us, also had its own challenges because it was an open area. But with the cooperation between the G&G organizers, the Ludo Staff, and most importantly, the participants, the event ended up being a rousing success.

These days, Ludo routinely runs megagames for its clientele, D&D Adventurer's League PH are having their first big event called Conclave, and the events of G&G continue to be held regularly. These initiatives, while organized by different groups, help in slowly building the RPG hobby locally as a whole. And pardon me this moment of hubris, but I like to believe that #AprilApocalypse was instrumental in inspiring these events.

For a longer report of the events that occurred during #AprilApocalypse, I would like to direct you to +Adrian Martinez' Google+ post, here.